It’s 2:45pm on Sunday April 23rd.  Things are starting to wind down in the Windy City.  C2E2 2017 is almost over.  Most people are rushing around to get one final autograph or purchase…but not the lucky ones who are in room S404 for the Revival: Post-Mortem panel.  Judging by the panel description in the program, I doubt most people had any clue what they were in for, but I had my suspicions since I knew two of the Special Guests on the panel.

writer cover artist
Panel host and writer Tim Seely with Cover artist Jenny Frison

Image Comicshorror noir title “Revival” recently wrapped up a 5 year run.  Writer/Creator Tim Seeley hosted the panel featuring Artist/Co-creator Mike Norton and

Co-creator/artist Mike Norton and cover artist Jenny Frison
Co-creator/artist Mike Norton and cover artist Jenny Frison

Cover Artist Jenny Frison.  They covered all the usual bases, all the trials and tribulations of getting a title approved and keeping it running…I always love to hear the stories from the trenches…and after a little while, they mention the ever mysterious (and slightly perverted sounding) “thing” and bring out Special Guests Brett Hays and Luke Boyce.


The “thing” luckily turns out to be a 2m 15s teaser “Proof of Concept” trailer.  Brett and Luke are from Shatterglass Films and they are working with Tim and Mike to develop Revival into a live-action feature film.  Luke is not only the Director but also a fan…and he’s already feeling the pressure.”It was really important to me to produce this proof-of-concept because I wanted to present an impression to fans that I understand this property and that I know what it needs to look like and feel like.

The Network suits... Luke and Brett
The Network suits… Luke and Brett

So I developed this kind of dreamy conceptual idea that merges both the first few pages of the comic with the cover art, which are just so evocative and memorable. I wanted to ensure that fans knew that this can look as cool as we’ve imagined and that it is in not only faithful hands but serious quality ones as well.” Mission Accomplished Luke!!


The trailer was filmed in Central Wisconsin and used the actual settings that inspired the comic in the first place, so it should feel pretty authentic to any fans of the title.  

The teaser can be found in the video below and the entire panel can be found at

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