The Nerf Rebel Blaster is complete! Make sure to follow along as I stop and explain certain steps for you along the way.

This was a very fun project for me as it was the first time I had ever repainted a stock nerf blaster. Usually you find me making props and painting those, but This was just FUN!

What would you guys like to see next from me? I LOVE the star wars theme, maybe the next one will be from the Star Wars universe as well.

Let me know down in the comments below!

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Nerf Rayven Fire:
Nerf Zues:
Nerf Nemesis:
Nerf Hera:

Cosplay Supplies:

10MM EVA Foam:
6MM EVA Foam:
2MM EVA Foam:
PVC Board 1/8″ Thick:
Loctite Super Glue:
Christys Blue Red hot PVC Glue:
3M Organic Respirator:
Wagner Heat Gun:
Utility Knife:
Dewalt 18MM Utility blade:
Dewalt 9MM Utility Knife:
Fiskars 8″ Action Scissors:
Rustoleum Black Paint:
Rustoleum Apple Red:
Rustoleum Metalic Aluminum:
Plastidip: 4 pack
Sharpie Paint Pen:
NERF Rival Apollo:
Dremel with goodies! :

Pick up a Robo R2: