firefly-opengraph-image-72647d38b918e8d66f482e71421d66d4-696x364I have been waiting for this day for two months.


It came earlier than expected but still TWO WHOLE MONTHS.

That said, I can finally shout from the rooftops.


It’s no secret that I’ve been excited about my subscription to the Firefly Cargo Crate by Loot Crate and QMx. I got my Kaylee one in April and as soon as I’d opened it, squealed with joy and wrote my review, I was excited for the next one. This month is no different! I’M SO EXCITED! I actually considered doing a video unboxing so you could see my reaction (I literally squealed) but I’m sick and I didn’t want to be on camera while sick and frankly, I couldn’t wait until I felt better to open the box.

So now, my Jayne Cobb edition Cargo crate… I love it so much!  So much awesome in this crate!  Let’s get down to the thrilling heroics!

20160609_142418The first thing I saw when I opened my box was a cunning dead fish t-shirt that was inspired by one that the Hero of Canton himself wore in the show.  It’s not my size since my husband bogarts all the t-shirts in the house but I love it anyway!  It’s perfect to add to my collection! 20160609_142609 Next, I found the pin (which I’m so happy is a staple for each box, I love these!) and I LOVE it!  Vera herself is displayed across the top above the words Let’s Be BAD GUYS.  I can just hear Jayne saying it all rugged style.  I’m considering putting my pins on my Kaylee purse from ThinkGeek.  It’s fitting but what if I lost one?  I don’t think I’d handle that very well…  Either way, it will have a place of honor on my wall.

20160609_142737I got my little Firefly Q-bit next. Well, my daughter did and she went ahead and opened it for me. (Thanks, Baby Bat Girl) To my surprise, I got Kaylee! It could have been either Shepard Book or Kaylee and I’m so glad I got her! Nothing against the good Shepard but I got Jayne in my Kaylee crate, and it made me laugh to get Kaylee in the Jayne crate. She’s so cute!

20160609_142852As I looked into my box, I purposely avoided my QMx Mini Masters Figure as I thought that it would be one of my favorite pieces (but seriously, in a box of favorite pieces it’s hard to just choose one) so I went over to a coin that I found hidden from view behind MY NEW FLASK (which I’ll get to in just a minute)! I love this coin, everything about it is awesome.  It’s got some weight to it, which I like, and it’s sealed in a plastic protector. I’m sure I could get into it if I really wanted to but I don’t. It’s going right next to my stack of Serenity Bank Heist money, even though it’s only valid on Higgins’ Moon. The front reads THE HERO OF CANTON across the top and an embossed picture of Jayne’s head is right in the center with 2513 and Jayne Cobb written on either side of it. Underneath, it says Higgins’ Moon, Red Sun System.  20160609_142910On the back of the coin, you’ll see a picture of Jayne’s statue from Canton and it says IN JAYNE WE TRUST on the top and WORTH ONE PINT OF MUDDERS’ MILK on the bottom. One of my nine favorite things in my Crate! (Hint, there are nine things in the Crate. 😉 )

Now, I’m not much of a drinker.  I never have been and I never will be but sweet Mal alive, I will find a reason to use this flask!  Just look at it!  “Just like Mama Cobb used to make” indeed!  I LOVE THIS!  (Is there a limit to how many times I can say that in one review?)  Thrilling Heroics stamped right across it, Vera makes an appearance and Jayne in his cunning hat?  YES PLEASE!20160609_143011


How cunning!
How cunning!

Finally, I am ready to open my QMX Mini Masters Figure of Mr. Big Guns himself… Baby Bat Girl has been distracted by a chop stick and cannot put her sticky fingers on my Jayne. This piece… I…

... I'll be in my bunk...
… I’ll be in my bunk…

it just brings Jayne to life. He stands tall, proudly showing off his leading lady. The hat his mama made just adds to the awesome pouring off of this little figure. I. LOVE. THIS!



My favorite unexpected 20160609_144059treasure is the wanted poster for Jayne Cobb. I had no idea that Mrs. Cobb’s first name was Radiant, did you? Did you know that he’d been bound by law 27 times and has 28 convictions?  I DID! Because I have his wanted poster! So many other tidbits and Jayne facts and they’re provided so conveniently laid out on that poster!  Also, the Canton travel sticker is FANTASTIC!  I wish I knew what to do with it but I’m so afraid to use it and let it be wasted.

And now I get to The Signal No.2! 20160609_143433We begin by finding out that Geoffrey Mandel is the new Creative Consultant for The Signal. (Congratulations!  Also, you’re awesome.)  He’s the one that made the Serenity logo, the bank heist money and the Fruity Oaty Bars packaging. We also get an interview with Shawna Trpcic, the main costume designer for the franchise (you are fantastic as well, I love your work!). Also, there’s a recipe for Mudders’ Milk! I’d try it, but I’m not really a fan of bananas but I’m happy to make you a batch if you ask! I actually have all the ingredients. (Bring your own booze!) Once again, read it cover to cover. Once again, did not disappoint!

The ONLY thing that could have made this box better is if I’d gotten the Jayne hat in the box.  That would have been AWESOME!  I am so happy with this Cargo Crate!  Everything in here is amazing and I would have had no problem paying for each piece individually!  I LOVE MY CARGO CRATE! Thanks again, Loot Crate and QMX!  20160609_143830 (1)

(OMG I just went to the and it shows that Zoë is the next one and I’m so excited that I just might explode!  WHY TWO MONTHS?!  WHY?!  Also, what is this Jayne Bear and why was it not in my box?!)

You can order your own Firefly Cargo Crate here!  So worth the money for ANY Firefly/Serenity fan!  Two boxes so far… two whole boxes of awesome…  Get yours soon!


  1. I made the Mudders Milk and you can hardly taste the banana. It was actually pretty good. I love all of these firefly crates!