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It came early. Sweet Mother of Mal, it came early. Well, earlier than expected, anyway. Exported from Hera, it’s here. My Zoe crate is here and it nearly brought me to tears.

Did you read that?


This is far and away my favorite box. Now, I love Kaylee and I love Jayne. But Zoe… she’s in a class of her own. Zoe has always been one of my absolute favorite characters in Firefly. She has some of the smartest dialogue and her calm serenity (see what I did there?) in the midst of the most chaotic of situations made me wish I could be more like her sometimes. (If you hadn’t noticed, I tend to be just a bit dramatic.) This box is perfect and I love every single thing in it.




Upon opening my crate, I saw the shirt first which I will fight for. Husband isn’t taking this 20160804_234850one! (You hear that Chris?! You can’t take the shirt from me!) I won’t lie, I don’t recognize it
from the show and I can’t read Mandarin but it does have a warrior woman on it and it brings to mind Bushwhacked (Episode 2) where the crew is being interrogated by Commander Harken and Wash says, “Have you seen what she wears? Forget about it. Have you ever been with a warrior woman?” One of the best lines in the episode.  Well, besides “Oh, yeah! I definitely have to say it was her legs. You can put that down! Her legs, and right where her legs meet her back. That – actually that whole area. That and – and above it.”, that was great too. I love it and it rocks and it’s MINE!  [Editors Note: It was made specifically for this box by Shawna Trpcic, Costume Designer on Firefly.]


20160804_235826I avoided my QMX Mini Masters Figure and picked up my little Q-Bit. I had no idea who could be in it. My only hope was that it wouldn’t be someone I already had (Jayne or Kaylee). I GOT WASH! Looks like Zoe and Wash truly are a package deal! He’s so cute in his little Hawaiian shirt! I can’t wait to get all of these! (At this point, a two year old with sticky fingers tried to grab it and pull it apart, NOT OK!) I could have gotten Mal and while that would have been great since he’s my favorite character in the entire series, I’m really glad I got Wash. I rebagged and reboxed my little pilot and moved on to my little pin sporting part of the Independents flag above BIG DAMN HEROES SIR. (Ain’t we just?) I really need to do something with my pins, leaving them in the box seems so wasteful but I am so afraid to lose them! I love them all so much!


I dug further, again avoiding my QMx Mini Masters Figure, convinced that it would be my favorite piece in the box. I found a small box and opened it not bothering to read it. It’s my Challenge Coin! I’d wanted one and my husband was considering buying it for me but hadn’t gotten to it yet but there it is! Right in my box! The Independents flag is in the middle surrounded by NEVER FORGET SERENITY VALLEY and on the reverse is the aft section of Serenity with KEEP FLYING and QUANTUM MECHANIX – COMIC CON 2016 on it. It’s AMAZING!This may just go in my wallet but it may be framed right along side my actual favorite piece in the box (which I’ll get to in just a sec).   I looked for my travel sticker identical to the one on the outside. It says Exported from Hera, Home of Serenity Valley. It has a Greek bust of who I can only assume is Hera (sorry, lady, you got a raw deal in marrying Zeus) and it’s beautiful.










20160805_000425So then, I pulled a few more things out and my jaw dropped.20160805_000437 Like actually dropped.  Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE journals. I buy them and write random things or just buy them because they’re pretty but this… this is just… I have no words. Well, I do now but initially, I was speechless. It’s leather bound. It’s gorgeous. It’s pages are trimmed in gold. On the front, you see the Serenity Logo and Firefly underneath it. On the back is Serenity herself, in flight and beautiful with QMx on the bottom.  I won’t lie… I teared up a bit. This is gorgeous. It’s soft and perfect. And it’s still not my favorite piece!







Now, I know that many will overlook this and not think twice about it. Some may not care at 20160805_000703all about it. It’s understated and brilliant and perfect. It’s a Certificate of Valor for Corporal
Zoe Alleyne of the 57th Overlanders. I don’t know how to handle this much awesome. Truly, I am not worthy to hold the awesome. I don’t know what about this that moves me so much but it does. Maybe it’s the quote at the bottom, “We Fought So That Others Can Live Free.” Maybe it’s the Corporal Zoe Alleyne in the middle. Maybe it’s the faint map of Serenity Valley in the background or maybe it’s the whole thing all together but this is my absolute favorite piece in this entire box. I need a frame and I need it now so that I can display this perfect artwork like it should be.



20160805_00085020160805_000906Finally, finally, I was going to open my QMx Mini Masters Figure, my Little Damn Heroes Zoe Edition. Little Lady J (the two year old) and her now washed fingers were in bed and it felt safe enough to open her. Carefully, I cut the tape around the styrofoam and slowly I pulled apart the pieces and there she stood. Zoe Alleyne Washburne, almost as beautiful as Gina Torres herself. She’s got her gun, she’s got her stance and she’s got her look that stops people in their tracks. I can almost hear her say, “Big damn heroes, sir!” She, like everything else in this box, is perfect.





So we draw to a close for this month20160805_000950 by examining the third edition of The Signal! We learn a  bit about the Mal/Wash Conundrum (You were going to ask her to choose, right?) and how to make Wife Soup (how quaint!). I’ll be making that (and Mudder’s Milk finally) and reporting on that for next time. Also, there’s an interview with Jose Molina, one of the writers of Trash and Ariel (Ariel was one of my favorite episodes!) and this was my favorite part: “I wrote Zoe like she was the only person in an insane asylum – who knew her friends were all lunatics! I thought of Zoe as a very disciplined woman who lives by a very strict code, but who understands that being along her very unusual gang makes her a better rounded, and ultimately happier person. Hers was the voice of reason.” – Jose Molina.






Ultimately, I couldn’t be happier with this box. This is my favorite one of all and Zoe has always been one of my favorite characters and this box does her justice. A big thank you to QMx and Lootcrate for this, it was worth the wait.

Wash is next and I’m excited and curious to see what we get in the next box! See you guys in September!

You can order your own Firefly Cargo Crate here!  So worth the money for ANY Firefly/Serenity fan!  Three boxes down and that means three boxes full of amazing.  yours soon!

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