Hi there! My name is Andrea and I’m the biggest Firefly fan I know! (Not
the biggest ever, I’m sure, but this isn’t a competition, people.) I first saw Serenity in 2005 and I loved it. A friend of mine later told me that it was based on a show that had been cancelled and so I borrowed his copy of the series. I was blown away. This show was cancelled? This masterpiece? This gift from God above was cancelled? I was so confused  (read outraged) and I had no idea how many other people felt the same way.   I’ve met other Browncoats throughout the years, shared my love of this series with so many others. Of course I have mixed feelings about this (am I really sharing my love of the series or spreading lifetimes of misery when they realize that it’s only one season?) but I can’t stop  myself from being excited to share my Captain, my Ambassador, my Mechanic and my Ship  with the people I meet.

When I learned about the Firefly Cargo Crate from my husband, it was  not a question of if we would buy it. It was a certainty.  My husband bought a subscription for me for my birthday (I think it warrants being a birthday AND Christmas gift but I know him, he’s going to buy me something else, just you watch) and all I had to do was wait.  It has since come and I’d love to share my love for this most mighty of crates but first, let me get my fangirl out of the way (mostly):


Firefly Cargo Crate FoundersNow for the more coherent look at my brand new Firefly Cargo Crate! (THANK YOU QMX AND  LOOTCRATE!) I have been looking forward to this for MONTHS!  We’re listed as Founders which includes a Founder’s only pin (squee!) and at $227.94 breaks down to about $37.99 per crate.  My box comes every other month.
The box itself was a surprise! The outside is styled like an actual cargo grate but the fun was  on the *inside*! Cows, Mule and weight bench! I especially loved that the mailing  information was on the bottom of the box and didn’t obstruct the Blue Sun logo, the Fragile!  warning and the “Exported From Persephone” sticker on one side! (Like I said, I really do  love EVERYTHING about this box!)

Firefly Cargo Crate 1 OutsideFirefly Cargo Crate 1 Inside


I was almost nervous to open my crate, to be honest. I was so excited, I almost didn’t want  the excitement to end! I cut open the sticker that sealed it, I almost expected to hear the  theme song as I opened it… I did, but in my head. I absolutely was not playing the theme  song as I opened my box. Nope, not me.

The first thing I noticed was my Kaylee Bear.  She’s about 7 Firefly Cargo Crate 1 Kaylee Bear Kaylee patchinches of adorable.  She has Kalyee’s exact jumpsuit except for the Bear patch.  It’s a Kaylee patch instead!  Very soft, Firefly Cargo Crate 1 Kaylee Bear and Umbrellavery adorable, very going on my desk as soon as I’m allowed to work from home.  The only thing that could have made it cuter is if it came with Kaylee’s umbrella.  Speaking of which, thanks to my Mighty Crate, I now have my own official Kaylee Shindig Parasol.  Well… five of them… mini sized.  They’re cocktail umbrellas!  Even if I were a drinker, I could never bring myself to use these.  I’ve never been a leave it in the box kind of collector (FREE THE POPS!) but these will most definitely stay boxed.


20160407_012905Next, I saw my little Firefly Q-Bits box.  There was a chance one of the nine characters and I got Mr. Big Guns himself, Jayne Cobb.  That little Q-Bit does the Hero of Canton proud, definitely capturing his mean face.  He was just the smaller of my two “statues”.  The other that came with my Crate is a QMX Mini Masters Figure of Kaylee Frye herself!  She looks perfect, like she just had a whole bunch of strawberries, and she’s one of my favorite pieces in this box.   Just know that if you take her out of the box and assemble her, the parasol is a bit difficult to get right.  It won’t go under her hair like it does in the picture (at least mine didn’t).


Firefly Cargo Crate 1 Magazine and PinMy other favorite pieces include the pin and the little periodical appropriately called The Signal.  I read that damn thing cover to cover and I loved every bit of it.  From learning how to speak Mandarin (no swearing, darnit!), how to cosplay Kaylee and an exclusive interview with Jewel Staite herself, it was fantastic!
(Published in Londinium, don’t you know.)  The pin has one of my favorite Kaylee quotes on it and every time I look at it, I hear her say it.  “Everything’s shiny, Cap’n, not to fret.”

Firefly Cargo Crate 1 Cards Art and StickerThe last (but totally not least, there are no “least” pieces in this box) are the exclusive cards for Firefly: The Game, the original Concept art cards by Timothy Earls and my own “Exported From Persephone” sticker (which of course, I’m NEVER USING because I don’t want to waste it!).  I LOVE seeing concept art!  It’s amazing to see where things could have gone or what they could have been.  Concept art usually gives me inspiration in my own projects and these drawings of what a Firefly Class Transport could have been are no different.

Overall, I couldn’t have been more happy with my Firefly Cargo Crate subscription (yes I could… if they could bottle – and include – hugs from Nathan Fillion, I could die happy).  Everything was fantastic, the quality and variety of the items was more than I expected.  I’m so excited for the next box and I am still enjoying this one!

Firefly Cargo Crate 1 All A

So, from The Nerd-O-Rama Network, thanks for reading!  Looking forward to writing my next review!

~ “You can’t take the sky from me…” ~

– Andrea “Firefly”

You can order your own Firefly Cargo Crate HERE