Friday, February 23, 2018

Welcome to Boogie2988

Welcome to my channel! If you're seeing this, you have not yet subscribed. Please do so! I am Boogie2988. I'm a vlogger...

Nerd-O-Rama Feb 24 2013

Nerd-O-Rama Feb 24 2013 - Captured Live on Ustream at

Los Amigos Play – Bayonetta (8th LAP)

Looking gorgeous & classy, battling angels, and babysitting little girls.....such as the life of Bayonetta... Chapter 6: The Gates of Paradise


I asked you guys to 'roast me'. Ya know, insult me but try to be funny about it. I know that this...

Wii U Review – Wiiview?

Watch me Unbox My Wii U: My review of the Wii U. A "Wiiview" if you will. I talk about the games Zombi...

dear Miranda Sings

this vid is for Miranda Sings showing her some Love :-D

Jessy for President ad 1 – Jessy Responds to Rick Perry

In response to rick perry's new 'strong' ad. View it here:

Francis is Upset about his 4ed Dungeons and Dragons Game

Hi, its me francis. I'm VERY upset about the way tonights game went and I think that STEVE needs his DM'ing license pulled!!!! THAT...


Yes. We did one.

Los Amigos Play – KOJIMA MONTH

The iconic video game creator Hideo Kojima has left an indelible mark on the entertainment world for 30 years. His storytelling style and thematic...
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