Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Nerd-O-Rama Presents: Harrison Wayne Beahn Wolfram Creative Mur’K 1 Mask Review

The uber Cosfamous (some might say the "Prince of Cosplay") Harrison Wayne Behan graces us mere mortals with his presence coming out of his...

Retro Pop Box 80s May ’16

Adam "The unboxed" opens May's Retro Pop Box 1980s on location from MegaCon!

Nerd-O-Rama Presents:Aliens 30th Anniversary Loot Crate

Adam "The Unboxer" opens the Loot Crate Aliens box from our hotel room during Megacon

Nerd-O-Rama Presents: Retro Pop Box 70’s unboxing

Adam is back with unboxings! This time is the Retro Pop Box 1970's for April

Retro Pop Box 70s May ’16

Adam "The Unboxer" opens the Retro Pop Box 1970s for May 2016

Artist Spotlight: Ari Kathein –

I found What's Your Passion Jewelry purely by chance one night while looking for S.H.I.E.L.D. props. I knew when I looked over the site...

Megacon Tampa 2016 review

Where to start with MegaCon Tampa Bay! This is the first expansion of MegaCon (now owned by Informa) convention shows into the Bay area...

Megacon 2017: My Take (it or leave it)

After a decade of attending conventions as an artist, Megacon being the last 7 years of that, I took a year off for a...

Doctor Who | Everything Ends

*** "Everything ends, and it’s always sad. But everything begins again too, and that’s always happy. Be happy..." First of all, Happy New Year. I just...

Nerd-O-Rama Presents:Retro Pop Box 80s Aug, 2016

Adam gets a little help froths friends at Comics & Cocktails in unboxing August's Retro Pop Box 80's Coupon code: RAMA10
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