Friday, February 23, 2018

fallaut 4 mini nuke (good one) tutorial and a nuke mine

I made a proper mini nuke this time

medevil armor tutorial part tow

how to make a medevil armor part two

Ronin Ruby Crescent Rose, The Nerf Gun Talk!

Welcome to the Crescent Rose Live stream! Everything I use for this build is listed down below. It really helps me out if you...

Tutorial Tuesday: Straw Trigger!! (Ember Celica Nerf Gun)

I have done it! I have found the missing component to my Ember Celica trigger! Ladies and gentlemen, the straw! I found a dozen...

clickbait for killer keem star

segment from "social media massacre" the worst move you will ever see coming October 2017

[NERF] Borderlands Nerf Gun Moxxi Boom Boom Part 4 (Tutorial 2018)

Check out part 3: Well guys, we made it this far! After this video we should be able to get it totally finished and...

how to make a corpse for cheap

plastic wraping pipes zip tyes a skull and paint

Dr G’s sex ed, episode 2 christmas edition

Dr. G gives missleading sexual advice for morons. This episode talks aboutBeskrivning

[NERF] Star Wars Stormtrooper Blaster FN-2187 (Custom 2018)

The Nerf Rebel Blaster is complete! Make sure to follow along as I stop and explain certain steps for you along the way. This was...
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