Friday, May 25, 2018

[RWBY] Gambol Shroud Tutorial (Episode 1): Weapon Break Down

Welcome Students to The Weapon Break Down class for Gambol Shroud! We apply our knowledge of crafting and RWBY to break down the functions of...

almost one man movie making episode 3 planing

in this part is ale about planing the filming

Unboxing Circuit Scribe and Gambol Shroud Nerf Gun!

Happy friday! I found this Draw Circuits Box in my office closet that I purchased far too long ago and I figured, lets learn about...

[RWBY] Crescent Rose Nerf Gun – The Paint Job (Tutorial)

This is it, we did it. Its finally finished! I can't thank you all enough for following along on this build. It really, truly means...

[RWBY] Transforming Crescent Rose Nerf Gun/Ronin Ruby Cosplay (Paul Karyakos)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Ronin Ruby and Crescent Rose. The design for the cosplay is an original of mine and something I...

I Quit my Career to become a Maker – Here’s Why

I know we have a lot of fun on the channel and I absolutely love the community here, but we need to talk. Sit down,...

how to make a proto type vr helmet prop

I made this for a film

see my at heroesdome in holand visit for more info

almost one man movie making episode 2 script writing

in this part we talk a bout scrip writing and stuff related to that

[NERF] Crescent Rose Nerf Gun – Filling the Gaps (Update)

Welcome back to the FINAL update video before release! This week we dive into Gap filling with Apoxie Scuplt. Its a lot of fun...
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