Sunday, April 22, 2018

Star Trek: Renegades Indiegogo Promo

Star Trek: Renegades Indiegogo promo video, see and hear our cast and crew talking to backers.

Sneak Peek of Renegades: The Requiem

Sneak Peek of Renegades: The Requiem Join us here:

Renegades: The Requiem, Teaser #2

This is the second official teaser for The Requiem.

Sweethearts of the Galaxy Web series preview

SWEETHEARTS OF THE GALAXY is a nine-episode Web series about a cosplayer who believes she really is the character she dresses up as and...

Nichelle Nichols Renegades Funding Promo

Tim Russ on Star Trek: Renegades

Tim Russ talks to fans about his new project launching on - Star Trek: Renegades. Our Kickstarter drive will launch very...

Star Trek: Renegades – Introducing Lexxa

Star Trek: Renegades Clip : Introducing Lexxa This clip is from the unmastered cut of Star Trek: Renegades. Sound mixing, color correction, and...

Faking Normal: Sweethearts of the Galaxy | Episode 04

Join us for the 4rd episode of the Sweethearts of the Galaxy! Created by Michael Premsrirat & Dexter Adriano “Wish Granted” END CREDITS Directed by Dexter Adriano Written...

Special (unusable) VFX Footage for Renegades

This is footage that we had initially created months ago for The Requiem. Since we can no longer use it, we want you to...
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